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【26800 Games in 1】 Arcade Game Console ,Pandora Treasure 3D Double Stick,26800 Classic Arcade Game,Search Games, Support 3D Games,Favorite List, 4 Players Online Game,1280X720 Full HD Video Game

【26800 Games in 1】 Arcade Game Console ,Pandora Treasure 3D Double Stick,26800 Classic Arcade Game,Search Games, Support 3D Games,Favorite List, 4 Players Online Game,1280X720 Full HD Video Game

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Pandora Treasure 3D comes with the newest 3D system. While allowing users to return to the fun of childhood.


Pandora Treasure 3D also provides users with the opportunity to experience modern games.This brand new system will make Pandora Box more interesting.




Console output is compatible with HD TVs, Monitors, Projectors, etc via HDMI and VGA.


USB connectivity to PCs, laptops, and other devices/controllers.


3.5mm AUX audio output for external speakers/amplifier.


LED-backlit acrylic upper panel is both stylish and durable.


26800 Games Installed




720P HD graphics.


Internal speaker with volume control.


8 non-slip feet to prevent unwanted movement.


Customizable display, language and game controls.


Pause/Resume game functions.


Support to play 4 players games.


One key switch language.



rch Games Function.


Favorite List.




Material: Metal+Plastic


User Interface: VGA HDMI AUX USB


Power: 20W


Voltage: 12V


Suitable for: TV/PC/Screen/Monitor/Projector/PS3, etc.


Package Content:


1 x Pandora Treasure 3D Arcade Game Console


1 x 12 Volt AC Adapter


1 x 3m VGA Cable 1 x 3m HDMI Cable 1 x 3m USB 2.0 Cable


2 x 30mm replacement control buttons (extras)


1 x User's Manual


Note: 1.Use the HDMI cable to connect, please use the right signal, when you connect the HDMI1 signal jack, please use the HDMD1 signal source

2.Duplicate games are due to different versions, you can consult us for the game list before purchasing Note: Please insert the power connection in place, it will not light up if it is not inserted tightly




Features & details

GREATEST 3D SYSTEM -Our Pandora Treasure 3D Arcade Console is built on the latest 3D system. Return to the fun of your favorite classic arcade machines, or experience the latest in modern 3D gaming,Support to play 4 players online games, allowing you to increase interaction with family and friends. You can also switch languages with one key for your convenience.

FULL HD RESOLUTION - Compared with ordinary 480P game console, our arcade game console achieves full HD 1280 x 720P resolution through HDMI or VGA interface, which can increase the vertical resolution by 50 percent and the horizontal resolution by about 80 percent. Our retro arcade console can provide you with a high-definition video experience.

WIDE COMPATIBLE - This 3D game console is equipped with VGA, HDMI, USB, audio output, and the game console can be connected to high-definition TVs, monitors, projectors and other devices through HDMI and VGA ports. Connecting to computers, laptops, and other devices and controllers via USB port.Pandora Treasure arcade game console supports pause/resume game function (need to press for 3 seconds to take effect), Pandora Treasure 3D arcade game console also supports PS4/PS3 connection

CUSTOM BUTTONS & 26800GAMES INSTALLATION - In order to give you a better gaming experience, the buttons of our retro game machine console support custom functions. You can adjust the order of the buttons according to your needs. 26800 games installed to let you enjoy more game fun.

SLEEK, ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Acrylic panel and ultra slim all-metal chassis with colorful light, these fashion design make this box become a attractive gift. Built-in speaker could adapt to more use of the scene, making this machine more.

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